Monday, May 31, 2010

Seriously, It's the grilling holiday of the year??
[Yes I am exaggerating a little but seriously... it should either be like this outside or SUNNY AND WARM!]

Yeah, it would be a lot more believable that it is Memorial Day if it weren't 28 degrees outside and on the verge of snowing!

I feel so sorry for my poor ol' grill outside, all he wants is to grill oozingly delicious bison burgers, scrumptious salmon fillets and flavorful spatch-cock chickens... but I guess he is just going to have to wait until the weather actually acts like the season it's suppose to be! If I were a nicer "owner" perhaps I would cover him up with a grill cover but... eh, I am just trying to "butch" him up so he can grill up a mean steak when the sun is shining!!!

So really since grilling is out of the question today... unless my father and I decide we are DIET HARD... I wonder what will be on the Memorial Day menu today! Honestly... this day probably won't be treated like any other day because we are not having anyone over to celebrate. To be honest, I would be surprised if my parents and I even stay up until 8 pm tonight.

You see, we just got back from Turkey the other day [AMAZING, by the way, but that's for another post]... and we are all still suffering from jet lag. Currently it's 6:30 am... and let me tell you, it was VERY hard for me to stay in bed until now! I have been up since 5 [thanks in small part to my dog who decided he is fighting jet lag too and had to make sure EVERYONE knew that], laying in my bed wondering what the EFF to do... Typically I would get up and work out... but knowing that I really have no plans today, I told myself, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT... So yup, here I am now... actually ATTENDING TO MY BLOG!

Any ways, back to the whole Memorial Day thing...

What are all of your plans? When I close my eyes and think of previous Memorial Days I think of burgers... ketchup... mustard... salmon [we're a big fish family!]...

So do you "follow the trend" and make the typical Memorial Day fare, or do you create nifty original concoctions that no one would even think about making?!?!

All I can say is... please don't go NUTS on the fatty fare today!

- If you want potato salad, nix the mayo and use olive oil...

- If you want to grill up some mean hot dogs... try these... I have taste tested them for you...

- Or if you want some burgers... go exotic and try and find some grass-fed bison, elk, ostrich, beef... simply delicious!

- Oh and as for condiments... try this ketchup... AMAZING!

- For fried chicken... why not roll those chicken legs in hemp seeds or crushed up flax seeds?? Um, healthy, nutty, delicious, no?!

- And instead of re fried beans... cook up some black-eyes peas! [Or really have the beans but simply boil them in salted water!]

- Hm... and yes, I know there is dessert and it's rather tricky to find a substitute for the real thing... so while I would suggest berries with maybe a touch of whip cream [if you must]... having a TINY bit of the real thing probably won't kill you... TODAY! ha ha ah! Oh but wait, I have heard that grilling fruit is actually pretty tasty... so jump on that before you dive head first into that huge apple pie!

Good thing my grill cannot read this post or else he'd start getting antsy... who am I kidding though, I am antsy for the both of us... perhaps I will be "die hard" today?!

PS: Don't forget to take some time to remember those who have fallen, after all that is what this holiday is about... not just gorging ourselves with food!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Keep yourself busy when I'm gone!

So if you're like me... you just love answering other people's questions...

Not really sure why I do... Oh I know, it's because I answer questions I know the answer to, which makes me feel smart! ha ha.

I found a web site geared toward doing just that, answering questions... and here it is!

Oh and... I AM LEAVING FOR TURKEY TOMORROW!!! This means I won't be here until June... so while waiting for me to get back , you can go to this web site and answer all the questions in the world!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Where are they?

So yeah, I am just going to come right out and say it... I haven't been in a relationship in a VERY LONG TIME. I will not disclose JUST HOW LONG... but let's just say... cobwebs... that's right! Ha Ha Ha!

Any ways, I came across an article which I found to be rather interesting. It listed 10 reason why guys don't approach certain girls... Here is what the list says:

1. You're surrounded by A LOT OF FRIENDS

2. You're too hot

3. You get too tipsy

4. You look sloppy

5. You give off arrogant vibes

6. You're with another guy (even if he is a friend)

7. You're wearing a ring

8. You seem too busy

9. You're to quick to catch

10. You're a wall flower (meaning, you have way too many obstacles in front of you which intimate guys - or maybe they're just too lazy to make the effort)

Well if this list is true... then I think I know why I have not dated anyone in awhile and why guys tend not to approach me...

I don't drink so it's definitely not number three.

I don't wear jewelry so number seven is out of the question.

I don't think I seem to busy, but who knows I am pretty energetic so it might seem as if I have to be somewhere... so I could be both eight and nine.

Oh and I definitely "toot my own horn" every so often... so maybe I am arrogant? ha ha, nah, people know I am joking when I say egotistical things (or I should hope)...

I'm not typically surrounded by a lot of friends...



Well maybe I am a bit more number five than I thought!!!

Do any of these reasons apply to you?