Sunday, May 31, 2009

So since it will be June 1 tomorrow, I thought perhaps I should "overhaul" this blog to make it more uniform and perhaps make me more motivated to keep writing!! I think I will have specific days where I write about certain things... Not every day though but I think 4 times a week!

MONDAY: All About Food 

WEDNESDAY: Celebrity News 

FRIDAY: Dining Out/Travel/Weekend Activities 

SATURDAY: Miscellaneous

Hm so now the question is, what do I write about each of these days... well celebrity news definitely has to be a day... So perhaps that should be... Wednesday! Basically I will report/write about whatever is going on in the celebrity world of news over the course of the previous week. 

I think Friday should be dedicated to dining out/traveling for the weekend/weekend activities that are both healthy & fun... Basically just try and get everyone excited about the 2 day break that's about to come.

There must be a day dedicated to food, since I am obsessed with it, so I am thinking Monday is a good day for those posts because well, everyone wants some ideas on what to cook for the week... I will feature healthy food super stars on Mondays along with recipes and some new breaking health studies that are being discussed. 

And that leaves Saturday... Good Old Saturday - A day to recuperate from the past week... What do people want to read on those days... Probably nothing but I have to do something! How about Saturday is miscellaneous day because after all, how many of you actually know what you yourself will be doing on Saturday! Exactly! 

So THERE you have it... My weekly plan! Stay tuned for Tomorrows POST - All about food!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


(Sashimi Platter)


Oh how I adore Japanese Food! I eat it weekly and could certainly eat it daily if my wallet and bank account permitted me! But no no. I must restrain myself... Weekly is enough! Whenever I go, I order so much it's crazy, and I am known for eating such large quantities. I don't order rolls because I don't eat rice, but I do order the exotic menu items like eel sashimi, escolar sashimi, uni, etc...

(Eel Sashimi)

One menu item that I order every single time I go out to sushi (and buy at Whole Foods too when they have it) is Hamachi Kama!

(Oh the most delicious food: hamachi kama)

What is Hamachi Kama exactly? Well it's the neck of Hamachi or Young Yellow tail Tuna. It is the most fatty and delicious part of the fish. When prepared it's grill to perfection and served piping hot with soy sauce & some shaved cabbage and or diakon (depending on restaurants). They range in size from small to large and boast roughly 4 to 6 ounces of meat!! For once ounce of yellow tail tuna... you get 31 CALORIES!!!! 31! That's NOTHING! Which is why I... uh... order 2 or 3 of them depending on how hungry I am and what other things are on the menu! Wait, why did I sound embarrassed... I CERTAINLY AM NOT!! The smooth and buttery taste is sensational and the omega-3 fatty acids are abundant! Oh and get this... all that hype about Vitamin D being absolutely amazing for your health... well hamachi Kama (and hamachi in general along with other fatty fish) have LOADS OF IT packed RIGHT IN!

(Hamachi Sashimi)

SO.... what are you going to do the next time you go out to sushi? That's right, order hamachi Kama... and if they don't have it on the menu ask their server if the sushi chef has any whole hamachi in the back that he can cut and grill! The chef will be impressed with your fish knowledge and your taste buds will be impressed with how delicious this piece of fish really is!! ENJOY!
(yummy yummy - a food you don't have to be afraid to eat with your HANDS!)
*Salmon Collars are also avaliable but not nearly as scrumptious! (oh but still very yummy!)

*Next up in the sushi review: Escolar
(Escolar Sashimi)

Friday, May 22, 2009

White Tea

Ever since my surgery I have been a bit hesitant about drinking coffee... I haven't really had a craving for it... and if anything the thought of it has made me slightly nauseous... But I need caffeine in the morning or else I am as functional as a remote control without batteries! So what else could I add to my life other than coffee to pep me up? I decide White Tea would be perfect... I used to drink it in the past and thought it to be very light and nurishing yet gave me the caffeine I needed to tackle the day. Granted both Black and Green Tea do the same thing, but there is something about White Tea that I like just a bit more than it's relatives (and when I say relatives, I mean it because they all come from the same plant). So of course, since I have been drinking this brew daily now... I had to look into it's health benefits... and here is what I found:

- Caffeine: roughly 15 mg per one tea bag steeped for 3 to 5 minutes & then removed (about 25 to 30 mg if tea bag is left in)
- Prevents body from storing fat
- Boosts mental strength
- Natural appetite suppressant
- Contains lots of antioxidants
- Does not stain teeth & aids in dental health
- Carries anti-aging properties
- Contains EGCG
- Reduces skin cancer risk
- Reduces heart disease risk
- Reduces stroke risk
- Reduces diabetes risk
- Detoxes Harmful substances from the body --> Where info is from

Personally my favorite WHITE TEA is anything from Celestial Seasonings!!!
So doesn't all this information make you want to drink WHITE TEA on a daily basis!? Even if you drink black or green tea you will still get the same health benefiting properties!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I AM OBSESSED with Pureed Pumpkin!!! The best part about me eating this vegetable is that... It is LOADED with health benefits!!! 

For roughly 80 calories PER CUP (According to LIBBY'S Canned Pumpkin) you get TONS of vitamins, minerals and fiber... Exactly what vitamins and minerals does pumpkin contain... 

- Vitamin A/ Beta- Carotene/ Carotenoids  [aids in eye health, immune function, bone metabolism, skin health, heart health, etc]

- Potassium [Stroke & Hypertension Prevention]

- Vitamin C [Lessens Oxidative stress, Antioxidant, Skin Health, Immune System Health, Energy Enhancer]

- 3 Grams of Fiber (per cup) [Healthy Weight & Bowel] 

- Lutein & Zeaxanthin [Eye Health]

- Iron [Wards off anemia & kidney failure]

- Zinc [Improves sense of taste & smell, Aids in Wound Healing, Increases Energy, Protects DNA & Aids in Proper Growth & Development] 

And don't forget about the SEEDS of the pumpkin because they are equally nutritious containing...

- Magnesium
- Copper
- Iron
- Manganese 
- Phosphorus 
- Zinc 
- Healthy Fats 

So even though it's just about summer... why not dig into a can of pureed pumpkin - it will no doubt aid in achieving your bikini body... by making your skin, hair & nails healthy while keeping you full so you don't lose your stellar figure! And one more added bonus... eating pumpkin acts as an SPF (of about 5 but still)!!!