Tuesday, May 26, 2009


(Sashimi Platter)


Oh how I adore Japanese Food! I eat it weekly and could certainly eat it daily if my wallet and bank account permitted me! But no no. I must restrain myself... Weekly is enough! Whenever I go, I order so much it's crazy, and I am known for eating such large quantities. I don't order rolls because I don't eat rice, but I do order the exotic menu items like eel sashimi, escolar sashimi, uni, etc...

(Eel Sashimi)

One menu item that I order every single time I go out to sushi (and buy at Whole Foods too when they have it) is Hamachi Kama!

(Oh the most delicious food: hamachi kama)

What is Hamachi Kama exactly? Well it's the neck of Hamachi or Young Yellow tail Tuna. It is the most fatty and delicious part of the fish. When prepared it's grill to perfection and served piping hot with soy sauce & some shaved cabbage and or diakon (depending on restaurants). They range in size from small to large and boast roughly 4 to 6 ounces of meat!! For once ounce of yellow tail tuna... you get 31 CALORIES!!!! 31! That's NOTHING! Which is why I... uh... order 2 or 3 of them depending on how hungry I am and what other things are on the menu! Wait, why did I sound embarrassed... I CERTAINLY AM NOT!! The smooth and buttery taste is sensational and the omega-3 fatty acids are abundant! Oh and get this... all that hype about Vitamin D being absolutely amazing for your health... well hamachi Kama (and hamachi in general along with other fatty fish) have LOADS OF IT packed RIGHT IN!

(Hamachi Sashimi)

SO.... what are you going to do the next time you go out to sushi? That's right, order hamachi Kama... and if they don't have it on the menu ask their server if the sushi chef has any whole hamachi in the back that he can cut and grill! The chef will be impressed with your fish knowledge and your taste buds will be impressed with how delicious this piece of fish really is!! ENJOY!
(yummy yummy - a food you don't have to be afraid to eat with your HANDS!)
*Salmon Collars are also avaliable but not nearly as scrumptious! (oh but still very yummy!)

*Next up in the sushi review: Escolar
(Escolar Sashimi)


  1. Yellow Tail and Yellowfin tuna are two different fish. Yellow tail (hamachi) is not tuna

  2. Hamachi is actually Japanese Amberjack, not tuna.

  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_amberjack

  4. Interesting review. I did not know that hamachi was Japanese Amberjack. I totally agree: order the grilled collar! So many little nooks and crannies of hidden succulent flesh. Great chopsticks exercise. Where I go, they serve it with pickled garlic and sweet chili mayo. And healthy to boot!