Friday, May 22, 2009

White Tea

Ever since my surgery I have been a bit hesitant about drinking coffee... I haven't really had a craving for it... and if anything the thought of it has made me slightly nauseous... But I need caffeine in the morning or else I am as functional as a remote control without batteries! So what else could I add to my life other than coffee to pep me up? I decide White Tea would be perfect... I used to drink it in the past and thought it to be very light and nurishing yet gave me the caffeine I needed to tackle the day. Granted both Black and Green Tea do the same thing, but there is something about White Tea that I like just a bit more than it's relatives (and when I say relatives, I mean it because they all come from the same plant). So of course, since I have been drinking this brew daily now... I had to look into it's health benefits... and here is what I found:

- Caffeine: roughly 15 mg per one tea bag steeped for 3 to 5 minutes & then removed (about 25 to 30 mg if tea bag is left in)
- Prevents body from storing fat
- Boosts mental strength
- Natural appetite suppressant
- Contains lots of antioxidants
- Does not stain teeth & aids in dental health
- Carries anti-aging properties
- Contains EGCG
- Reduces skin cancer risk
- Reduces heart disease risk
- Reduces stroke risk
- Reduces diabetes risk
- Detoxes Harmful substances from the body --> Where info is from

Personally my favorite WHITE TEA is anything from Celestial Seasonings!!!
So doesn't all this information make you want to drink WHITE TEA on a daily basis!? Even if you drink black or green tea you will still get the same health benefiting properties!!!

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