Sunday, May 31, 2009

So since it will be June 1 tomorrow, I thought perhaps I should "overhaul" this blog to make it more uniform and perhaps make me more motivated to keep writing!! I think I will have specific days where I write about certain things... Not every day though but I think 4 times a week!

MONDAY: All About Food 

WEDNESDAY: Celebrity News 

FRIDAY: Dining Out/Travel/Weekend Activities 

SATURDAY: Miscellaneous

Hm so now the question is, what do I write about each of these days... well celebrity news definitely has to be a day... So perhaps that should be... Wednesday! Basically I will report/write about whatever is going on in the celebrity world of news over the course of the previous week. 

I think Friday should be dedicated to dining out/traveling for the weekend/weekend activities that are both healthy & fun... Basically just try and get everyone excited about the 2 day break that's about to come.

There must be a day dedicated to food, since I am obsessed with it, so I am thinking Monday is a good day for those posts because well, everyone wants some ideas on what to cook for the week... I will feature healthy food super stars on Mondays along with recipes and some new breaking health studies that are being discussed. 

And that leaves Saturday... Good Old Saturday - A day to recuperate from the past week... What do people want to read on those days... Probably nothing but I have to do something! How about Saturday is miscellaneous day because after all, how many of you actually know what you yourself will be doing on Saturday! Exactly! 

So THERE you have it... My weekly plan! Stay tuned for Tomorrows POST - All about food!!!

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