Monday, June 1, 2009

Food of the Day: EGGS

The Amazing Incredible Edible Egg! Why not start off the week with a wonderful high protein food that will keep anyone full for up to 4 hours (depending on how many you eat - many studies have proven this theory correct!). 

Those tiny little orbs you see in the grocery store diary aisle are quite amazing!! 

First of all, I am not quite sure why everyone places them in the "dairy" family because they are made from a chicken and contain no dairy ingredients what-so-ever (so if you're lactose-intolerant, by all means, ENJOY)... Secondly, THEY WILL NOT RAISE YOUR CHOLESTEROL! So for all your cholesterol-phobs out there, get your facts straight! High cholesterol foods do not impact your cholesterol levels... Saturated and Trans Fatty Acids found in that burger, french fries, muffin, bread, cookie that you are nibbling on as you read this are what cause your cholesterol levels to SKY ROCKET! But enough about those "junk foods" - today's post is about EGGS so that's what will be discussed! 

So what came first, the chicken or the egg? Well personally I think the egg, but that is a mystery that may be never solved. What I do know though is that eggs are a very versatile food that have numerous health benefits! 

I must first mention that ONE WHOLE EGG (whether BROWN or WHITE/ ORGANIC or NOT) has 68 to 70 calories, and roughly 4 grams of fat. One egg also has almost 6 grams of high quality protein which all of our bodies need to thrive! 

There are two parts to eggs that I am sure you all know quite well: the white & the yolk... Both sections contain the protein (the white a bit more) but what the white lacks, the yolk makes up for! The yolk is where all the incredible health benefits lie which is why it's such a pity when people toss the yolk and only eat the white. What exactly does the yolk contain?


1. Choline - Builds Strong Cells in the Body, Improves the Chemical Events that take Place in the Body, Helps Carry Nerve Messages to Respected Locations, Reduces Body Inflammation

2. B Vitamins - Builds all around Good Cardiovascular Health, Promotes Energy, Promotes Brain & Nerves System Function

3. Fibrin (One of many Special Proteins in Eggs) - Prevents Blood Clots 

4. Lutein & Zeaxanthin - Contributes to Eye Health, Reduce Cholesterol Levels 

5. Tryptophan - Regulates Appetite, Aids in Good Sleep, Promotes Good Moods 

6. Selenium - Helps Prevent Oxidative Stress (which causes heart disease), Supports Thyroid Health, Preventative to Cancer, Reduces Inflammation  

7. Iodine - Regulates Thyroid Hormones 

8. Vitamin D - Maintains Cell Growth & Structure, Maintains Proper Calcium & Phosphorus Levels in Blood, Reduces Inflammation, Promotes Healthy Immune Function, Prevents Chronic Disease & Cancer, Promotes Strong Bones & Joints

So there you have it! That is only a few of the AMAZING benefits of consuming eggs! So don't hold yourself back! Get to your nearest grocery store: STAT: and purchase some free-ranged organic eggs enriched with omega-3 fatty acids (the fat found in fish which has been noted as being vital for everyone's health)... Your body will thank you buy having BOUNDS of energy so you can take on the day! See you next week with another awesome food... but for now:ENJOY!

PS: All this wonderful information was given to me by The Worlds Healthiest Food Website

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