Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heavyweight Humpday!

SO I REFUSE TO TALK ABOUT JOHN & KATE (+ 8) because well I find the "hoopla" over them to be quite extravagant! They need to sort out their own problems in PRIVATE! I hardly consider them celebrities at all...

With that being said, I think today's blog posting will be more of a "did you hear" over view of what has gone on in the celebrity world in the past week... So here goes:

- Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick have twin girls!
*I am warning you, the daughter's names are NOT PRETTY - well that's my opinion

- Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo have gone Ka-Put!
*Who honestly thought this relationship was going to result in marriage?

- Audrina Patridge may do her own "reality" TV show
*Yea, anything that has to do with the Hills, I won't be watching!

- Johnathan Rhys arrested at airport
*Two Words: Anger Management

- Jennifer Aniston & Bradley Cooper Dating?
*What a cute match, if I can't have him - I am allowing Jen to have him!

- Ed McMahon dies at 86
*Wonderful addition to TV - Sad to see him go!

- Chris Brown finally gets punished
*Bout time!

- Elisabeth Hasselbeck under scrutiny about her Gluten Free Book
*Are there such things are original views anymore?

- Lindsey Lohan's own reality show?
*Who in their right mind is going to watch this show - she's desperate for some cash!

- Gisele Bundchun pregnant?
*What a beautiful baby that will be!

- Rachel Hunter's wedding called off via e-mail!
*Wow, and I thought my relationships were sad! ha ha.

Wonder what will happen in the next week! Regardless, I will keep you up to date: every Wednesday!

Oh and I must make a note... I have another new favorite website:

*Please help me decide on what I should call Wednesday Posts: Well-Known Wednesdays or VIP Wednesdays or Heavyweight Humpday... any input would be great!

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  1. I Lindsey Lohan reality show! Trainwreck! LOL