Friday, June 19, 2009

Ugh, what do I get dad this time?

I am pretty sure a lot of you are scrambling (last minute) to get a gift for your fathers... for father's day which is this Sunday (for all of you who forget, your welcome!)...

I completely agree with all of you when you think to yourself, "What in the world should I get him this year!"

My father is so incredibly hard to shop for because he has very few interests (he is mostly focused solely on
WORK - which is odd because he is retired?!)... and the things that he does like, well I have already given them to him (or he has gone out and gotten them for himself!)

Gah! It's so hard! A card is just not enough... A hug... no, not en
ough either! After all this is your father we're talking about! (I am hoping you all have great relationships with your parents, but if not, then you just don't have to stress out about gifts like the rest of us! ha ha - consider yourself lucky?)

So anyways... Here are some thoughts on what we should all give our dads this Sunday... I will try really hard to make sure they are not CHEESY!

* If your father likes baseball or other sports(A LOT): An electronic baseball score cast (these also come in football, basketball, hockey, etc - so if your father likes any or all of those sports, go for it), Jerseys, Baseball hats (one even comes with a can opener on it - hmmm...) or Season Tickets

* If your father loves wine: A wine of the month membership (just make sure you know what brand of wine your father loves most & you can also do a Beer of the month club too)

* If your father is a businessman: Cuff links, a Tie (yea, that's cheesy but I had to put it in there) or a money clip

* If your father is obsessed with food &/or cooking: Spatulas, Food of the month club (there are many types such as meat, fish, salsa, hot sauce, etc), Oven Mitts, Grill Covers, Beer or Wine Cozies, Cocktail Glasses or Shakers, Cocktail Mixes, Unique Wine Stoppers (corks), Pizza Making Kit, Meat Thermometer or Kitchen Utensil Holister (your dad will feel like a cowboy - but it's really useful!)

* If your father loves all things technology: Video Camera, USB-drive, New Computer Software, Digital Camera, iPhone (since they are OH SO CHEAP NOW!!), Digital Picture Frame, anything Apple, or an App for his iPhone (if he already has one)

* If your father travels a lot: Laptop Case, Toilletries bag, Swiss Army Knife (hm, maybe not on the plane), GPS system (for all those times he THINKS he knows where he's going), a suitcase or briefcase or the Kindle

* If your father loves the great outdoors: Binoculars, Camelback waterbottle/backpack, Hiking Boots, Tennis Shoes, Jacket, Fleece, Sleeping bag, Portable Grill, Fishing Poles or Flies, Tent, Tennis Racket, Football, Baseball Glove

Well honestly, that took me about an hour to conjure up! I really do hope it helps you find the right path to a perfect gift for your father...

But if all else fails... you can ALWAYS create COUPONS for you to help him out for free in anything that he loves! AH HA HA! I definitely did that once and my dad definitely whipped out one of my coupons at Christmas time so I HAD TO HELP!! So if you do decide to do this... don't forget you did!!

(And for any of you who are FRIENDS - the TV show - watchers... you may be thinking about the "Joey Love" coupon... and that just makes me laugh!)

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