Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some Things Just Don't Work Out

Ever made plans that just sort of fell through leaving you wondering: "Now what am I going to do with myself?"... Well most Saturdays and Sundays I am left with that question... When the weather just doesn't pan out, or a friend is all of a sudden unavailable - I'm left to figure out how to occupy myself for the rest of the day...

To all of you who are on the same boat as me... I have come up with some ideas on how to keep your days filled with activities that make the time pass:

1. Outdoor Sports (Soccer, Basket Ball, Frisbee, Golf, Biking, Skate Boarding, Hiking, Tennis, Swimming, Roller Blading, Kayaking, Tubing, etc)

2. Sun-Tanning (now, do this safely!)

3. Scrap Booking (It's time to get rid of the magazines you've had since last June!)

4. Puzzles

5. Baking (and if you really want to have fun, film yourself doing it and pretend like you're on a cooking show! ha ha)

6. Cleaning (because it has to get done SOME TIME!)

7. Catching Up on Odds & Ends (Grocery Shopping, Target, Dry Cleaning, Car Wash, things like that)

8. See a Movie

9. Get a Pedicure/Manicure (Yes, gentlemen you can get them too! ha ha)

10. Get a Massage

11. Card Games/Board Games

12. Surfing, Wind Surfing, Jet Skiing, Sailing, etc (if you live near water)

13. Voluenteering

14. Sleeping (ah yes, who wouldn't want to?)

15. Site-See (yes, sounds odd, especially if you've lived in your town for a while, but it's amazing what you haven't seen!)

16. Sample Food at Different Restaurants

17. Go to the Museum or Art Galleries (yes, you know you want to)

18. Spend the afternoon at the bookstore (definitely have done that before!)

19. Have a Picnic or a Cookout (You can do this in a healthy fashion too)

20. Walk Your Dog or Borrow Your Neighbors

21. Jump on a Trampoline

22. Run Through The Sprinklers

23. Do a Crossword Puzzle (These take me a very long time! ha ha)

24. Play Wii

25. Just Relish in the Moment of Not Having a THING TO DO!

So yea, those might be some LAME ways to fill in your afternoon but sometimes doing at least SOMETHING is better than NOTHING at all! And even if you do decide to do absolutely NOTHING - Don't feel too guilty, after all the weekend is your time off so why not really USE IT THAT WAY!

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  1. i love sun tanning. especially if it so hot and the area remote enough that you can be nude.

    posted by a Calorie Count Member