Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Queen of Talk is Dethroned!!!


OPRAH WINFREY is no longer the most "powerful" celebrity on the planet!!!!!! How in the world can this be! She has TV shows, a production company, magazines, clothing lines, home wear lines, EVERYTHING and it's Oprah for heavens sake! Who in the world has replaced her!

Hm... Well I can list a couple of celebrities who have made lots of movies and demanded high pay checks at the end of each... there's Ben Stiller, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freedman, Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts... but none of those listed surpassed her! So who did... ANGELINA JOLIE!

I guess we all shouldn't be too shocked; after all the world seems to be completely infatuated with her. From her long flawless features, HUGE lips, six children, humanitarian efforts around the globe... and not to mention her arm candy, Brad Pitt, Jolie is constantly featured in all the tabloids! Since the world believe Jolie is a goddess, she can demand the HIGHEST pay check and get away with it. (I wonder if Pitt is proud of her or jealous, although he didn't do too shabby in the ranking either: #9)

According to Forbes Magazine, in the past twelve months Jolie has made $27 million from movies such as Kung-Fu Panda, Wanted and Salt (a movie she is currently working on). What also helped her claim the top spot was all the publicity she got during and after her pregnancy with her twins Vivian and Knox (I hope she thanks them in the future). 

So do we think Oprah will fight her way back to the top next year? Lets hope so because I am already starting to feel out of sorts! 

Rounding Out The Top 10

#2: Oprah Winfrey 
#3: Madonna (Ugh, not a fan!)
#4: Beyonce Knowles (I wonder how Jay-Z feels!)
#5: Tiger Woods (Hole in One!)
#6: Bruce Springsteen
#7: Steven Spielberg (You must cast me in your next movie)
#8: Jennifer Aniston (Ha, she beat Brad - I bet she will celebrate!)
#9: Brad Pitt (Yes, you know you're hot)
#10: Kobe Bryant
#11: Will Smith (Well deserved!)
#12: Dr. Phil McGraw (All thanks to Oprah!)
#13: Britney Spears (Glad to see she's back in action)
#14: David Letterman (Jay Leno isn't lower on the list, I bet you're stoked!)
#15: Coldplay
#16: Adam Sandler (You deserve this because you always make me laugh)
#17: Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones does it again!)
#18: Michael Jordan (This man is just amazing)
#19: LeBron James
#20: Tom Cruise (This is not shocking)

PS: Don't believe everything you read... these figures could be before taxes, etc.... for all we know Orpah could still be on top! 

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