Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Play Baby?

So I guess that stripper pole is going sooner than she expected....

For any of you who have caught the first two episodes of Kendra Wilkinson's new show on E!... She specifically said that if she were to have kids, the stripper pole she installed into her new home [before getting ANY furniture], would be taken down.

Well I guess it's time to take it out of the house [or at least in 9 months] because she's PREGNANT! That's right, one of the Girls Next Door has a bun in the oven, and it's NOT HUGH HEFNER'S! (Well at least lets hope not... that would make pretty good TV though).

So obviously you all caught me, I have watched Kendra's new show and... I used to watch the Girls Next Door on a regular basis! Guilty as charged! But I am a slave to all things "E!" so I guess I am OK with being caught!

Speaking of being "caught"... Her fiance (and baby's daddy?) Hank Baskett is a football player for the Philadelphia Eagles (football - catching, yeah, I know good one! ha ha)... Let's just hope he's ready to take on the role as daddy!

As for being a mommy, good luck to you Kendra. Apparently your "kinky sex" worked in terms of getting your pregnant! (She has stated numerous times how she and Hank have the best sex and a lot of it... I wonder how Hef feels about that?) While I know you have said that you have calmed down quite a bit and want a family now that you're out of the Playboy Mansion... The first episode of your new show didn't show any signs of you slowing down!

But you know,
Nicole Richie was a WILD CHILD before her first daughter, Harlow and now she is a really great mother (or so I can see from pictures) and has matured beyond her years... So perhaps pregnancy will do that you you too Kendra!

One thing that Kendra is going to have to stop doing right off the bat which might make her go "nuts"... is stop drinking! She was known (and still is) as the biggest party girl. In the episode of her new show in which Hank meets Hefner... Hef says that Kendra is the BEST PARTY GIRL! ha ha.

Speaking of parties though, Kendra and Hank will still be getting married June 27 (a day after my birthday) and I am sure the bash will be out of this world! (Plus it's at the Playboy Mansion - can't beat that!)

Once again, good luck Kendra!

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