Monday, June 15, 2009

The Other Red Meat...

Ever heard the saying: "The other white meat"? When you do hear that, it typically refers to PORK... as apposed to white meats such as Chicken and Turkey.... Well what if I wanted to talk about the other red meat... what do you think I would be talking about?


Alright, give up? I'm talking about OSTRICH! That's right, this bird is full of delicious and nutritious red meat!

So if you're looking for an alternative this summer to your typical beef hamburger... look no further than ostrich! It's lean and delicateness don't detract one bit from it's amazing flavor! It's so hard to describe it's flavor, you just have to see for yourself.

What isn't hard to tell though is how healthy this red meat is for us! With only 97 calories in 3 ounces... Ostrich has 2/3rds less fat than grain-fed beef or pork and 1/2 the fat of chicken! This meat also has more iron than beef, chicken, turkey or lamb and it even DOESN'T contract harmful bacteria like E-coli and salmanila because all Ostrich has very high pH levels (the body's balance between acid & basicity - having high pH means they have a bit more acid to kill off bacteria). Oh and did I mention that ostrich is extremely high in protein, very low in fat (and the fat it does have is the healthy kinds - omega 3s) and also very low in cholesterol!

Now I know you are curious and want to try it out! Well in case you were also wondering... ostrich meat comes in cuts similar to beef and lamb (with sirloins, steaks, ground meat, etc)...

Doesn't this meat sound like an extremely healthy investment?! No
w the only trouble is finding where to buy it. If you have a Vitamin Cottage near by... that would be the first place to look (freezer section)... but if you don't have one close by (or they don't offer any there) I have a few on-line sources where you will be able to get your monies worth: So I do hope you all take advantage of this meat! If only fast-food joints were serving up this good stuff - maybe I would actually go to one!!


***Oh and by the way... here is a little TRIVIA for you: Ostriches (obviously) lay eggs.... and one of their eggs can feed 12 people!!


  1. I didn't know people ate ostrich. That "Mad Ostrich" looks like my mother-in-law. Ooops!

  2. Lol - that last picture scared me away from trying Ostrich :-)

  3. WOW! Interesting facts. I have def never tried ostrich.

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog :) I am still eating about 85-90% clean and am loving it!