Wednesday, June 17, 2009


(This will make them go away!!)

You're probably curious about the heading on this blog post. Well if you haven't figured it out already (which I am pretty sure you haven't...) it's a splice between Speidi (Heidi & Spencer Pratt) and the Plague...

It seems as if everyone hates this couple so much that they are trying to avoid them as they would the plague.

Now I'm not saying I like these two but do you think that all the "bashing" from multiple media outlets is really necessary?

I just logged on to E! Online and one of their stories is "Should E! Be a Speidi-Free Zone?"... And this isn't the first time I have come across such headlines.

The other day on the Today Show, Heidi and Spencer dropped by for a quick chat about their "escapades" on "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here"... and well let's just say, Heidi and Spencer weren't the least bit pleased when they left the show.

(Please don't tell me you're thinking about GOING UP another size Heidi!)

According to Reality TV Magazine Online, Heidi, told Ryan Seacrest (on his radio show) after the interview: “I was shocked at how rude he [Al Roker] was. I was crying afterward because I couldn’t believe I felt personally attacked. I wanted to say to him, do you feel proud of how you’re talking to me right now? I’m just a young woman and you’re coming at me so aggressively and meanly and mean-spirited.”

I have to agree with her, Al really should have kept his personal feelings about his dislike for the Pratts to himself but at the same time this "IN YOUR FACE" couple sort of asks for it... I mean just check out clips from "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here"... They are incredibly ridiculous!

(What ON EARTH is going on in this photo!! They both look like they're dropping a load... ha ha ha!)

One other thing I have to note that is slightly off topic is how Heidi "preaches" how religious she is... well that seems like complete nonsense to me because if she did practice what she preaches she certainly would have stayed a virgin until she was married (which I know for a fact that she did not) and no one as RELIGIOUS as HEIDI says she is would POSE FOR PLAYBOY!

(Haven't we seen ENOUGH of those girls?)

That's right, if you haven't heard it already Heidi will be showing off her fake assets in I think it's the September Issue of
Playboy Magazine! I wonder if it says anywhere in the Bible that in order to become a prophet, you have to pose nude... Maybe in her version... (I bet Spencer reprinted her version to make it say something like that because he seems to manipulate her ways 100%)...

What do you all think of the Pratts?

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