Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yummy in my Tummy?


This morning I woke up with the most ridiculous stomach pain... although this is quite common for me - pre & post cecal volvulus surgery... I swear there is NO CURE for me! I have tried all the "tried & true" remedies that are suppose to help stomachs but NOTHING works on me!

I have gone to SO MANY different doctors and NO ONE can tell me exactly what's wrong. I am THIS CLOSE to scheduling another surgery (well I actually didn't PLAN the first one)... so that the doctor can just remove the rest of my colon because taking it all out... and maybe some of my small intestine too... would probably do me a world of good!

These are some ways to help relieve stomach problems... FOR MOST PEOPLE they work... but I am just a rare/special/eff-ed up case! Ah ha ha....

1. Eat Lots of Fiber (25 to 40 grams per day)

2. Drink Lots of Water (No recommended amount anymore these days)

3. Do Not Scraf Your Food

4. Avoid Carbonated Drinks & Sugar Alcohols

5. Chew Fennel Seeds Before Meals

6. Drink Peppermint Tea/ Ginger Tea

7. Take Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics

8. Avoid Gas Building Foods

9. Exercise on a Regular Basis

10. Replace Foods That KILL With Foods That HEAL

11. Drink some Aloe Vera Juice

Friday, August 28, 2009

Looking Into The Future

So it's Friday - Party!!! Oh yea, that's me for sure... Any ways - not to bum anyone out but I am already thinking about Monday because... Monday is the first day I start my new job (well, it's actually an internship but still - I want it to progress into a job someday so I must treat it that way). I will be interning at ABC (yes the TV station).

I thought I might talk about what to wear when you're on the job. While I know all jobs require different things, generally no one can walk into work wearing PJ bottoms and a see-through night shirt (which is honestly TOO BAD because that is the bulk of the contents in my closet!)... Since my closet consists of mainly these things, I had to ram shack my mother's closet to find some professional gear (and don't worry my mother has good taste, I am NOT going to be wearing anything from back in the 70s or 80s that have shoulder pads and checkers!).

So ladies... if you're struggling to figure out what to wear in a professional setting... here is what I have come up with:

1. Blazers... back in the day everyone cringed at the word blazer but honestly, these days there have been VAST improvements and a lot of blazers are quite cute (that is if you get them fitted properly)...
*Some brand names I have in my closet: Tahari, Barneys, Theory, Gianfranco Ferre

2. Unripped, Neat Pants... so here is where I will be cheating a bit but honestly I think I may be able to get away with it because these pants are very good quality with no rips, tears, etc... I will be wearing yoga pants. I know what you're thinking but if you check out HARD TAIL or SO LOW brand yoga pants you might see that I am not completely off my rocker - these pants are legit and since the blazers I will be wearing cover the waist region, the fold-over probably will not be seen.
*Some brands I have in my closet: Hard Tail, So Low, Feathers, Juicy Couture

3. High Heeled Sneakers... who am I kidding, I can't go on shoot location, fetch coffee at the speed of light or even climb stairs in high heels that have no back strap and since it is turning fall... soon to be winter, I need some close toe action. Whoever invented high heeled sneakers is a pure genius! I could run a marathon in these sucks PLUS they give me 3 to 5 more inches on my midget height and are comfortable so I don't have to worry about blisters while interviewing the star of the Broncos.
*Some brands I have in my closet: Steve Madden, MIA, Guess, Nanette Lapore, Michael Kors

4. Flowy and Neat Tube Tops... once again I know what you're thinking, but in a cold studio like ABC (the equipment needs a cold environment to work at their peak)... I definitely WON'T be taking off my blazer, in fact I will probably be putting another one on! So in my eyes, I believe that wearing a little shirt that doesn't overpower the beautiful blazer you will be donning is a fashion DO... although really who am I... I went to class today in soffe shorts, an over sized Jackson Hole fleece sweater and a t-shirt that was a bit too long for my short torso...
*Some brands I have in my closet: Victoria Secret

5. Purse... what woman doesn't own one of these magical bags... the things we can tuck away in these bad boys is awesome! Personally I get tote bags large enough so that I can put a water bottle, a tupperwear container (lunch - must take that with me), 6 packs of gum (yea, excessive but true), my wallet, keys, cell phone, really pretty much the entire contents of my apartment goes in there - I am sure when people see my bulging bag they wonder if a small puppy will pop out... if only, I would love a mini doberman pinscher!
*Some brands I have in my closet: Coach, Balenciaga, Chloe

~So yea, that's my list in a nutshell... anyone have anything I forgot - Feel free to let me know!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well Well Well...


Well... I'm back... While my law class isn't over until tomorrow (my last test is @ noon)... I am in "vacation mode" already and ready to think about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the next two weeks... And then of course, back to school! Hm, back to school... for all you who are going back... Here is a check list of what you should consider getting yourself so you're organized and ready to TAKE ON your new load of... "stuff":

(Check List is Geared Toward College Students BUT Anyone Can Use These Ideas)

# 1: A Planner (or a PDA or your high tech cell-phone, black berry, etc)

#2: Your Computer & Printer (that's right - EVERYTHING at school is VIA computer access these days, from writing papers to taking on-line classes - like my law class - a computer is a MUST!!)

# 3: Pain Medication (Advil, etc - We all know going to class can be quite the headache... as can the morning after - ha ha)

# 4: Comfortable Walking Shoes (sneakers are best - and if you're concerned with "cellulite" invest in those cellulite busting shoes - ha ha: at school YOU WILL BE WALKING A LOT to all your different classes that could be on opposite sides of the campus - just be aware!)

# 5: Class Books (yes, they cost a TON but you can always order them off of Amazon - used - for a lot cheaper if you THINK in ADVANCE!!)

# 6: A Mini Fridge (yes, most dorms come with mini fridges in each room - but sharing a tiny thing with your roommate is just ridiculous!)

# 7: Sun Screen (you will be outside a lot - and even if you don't go to school in the warmest local, sun screen is still needed - your nose & ears will thank you later!)

# 8: Bottled Water (or bring a refillable bottle - you must keep hydrated!! ha ha)

# 9: Money/Cash (yea, well this is a given because everything costs MONEY these days and you know you're going to want a pizza at 3am or some sushi - ha, at least I do)

# 10: Energy Drinks (preferably sugar free & calorie free - or even better: green tea or coffee - because you know you're going to pull a few all nighters... although I recommend you PLAN things in advance!!)

# 11: The Name of Your Guidance Counselor (going to college is pretty overwhelming and knowing who your counselor is will definitely benefit you because they have "been there, done that"... take it from me, I didn't know mine until second semester Junior year!!)

# 12: Bike/Scooter/Roller Blades (if your class IS ON the other side of campus RIGHT AFTER another class - these things will help you BOOK IT - just be sure to not HIT any walkers!!)

# 13: Pillow Top Mattress Pad & Comforter (enough said - comfort is key!)

# 14: Backpack (yes, even though you may no longer be in high school or what not, backpacks of brief cases are VERY useful because some classes DO require you to bring books - bogus I know!)

# 15: iPod/MP3 Player (when you're walking around campus it's always nice to have some music - I know it puts a "pep in my step")

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST (although I am pretty sure there are tons of other things you SHOULD bring to school)...

# 16: THE MOST COMFORTABLE SWEATPANTS YOU OWN!!! That's right, sweats are the STAPLE on all campuses - who the heck is going to primp themselves if they have an 8am class... yea, didn't think so!

***PS: Just because I didn't say it doesn't mean you SHOULDN'T go to the school gym - typically you're College ID Card will grant you access - USE IT - it reduces STRESS for one and two... you know you will probably have one two many beers... or slices of pizza... you get the picture!***