Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yummy in my Tummy?


This morning I woke up with the most ridiculous stomach pain... although this is quite common for me - pre & post cecal volvulus surgery... I swear there is NO CURE for me! I have tried all the "tried & true" remedies that are suppose to help stomachs but NOTHING works on me!

I have gone to SO MANY different doctors and NO ONE can tell me exactly what's wrong. I am THIS CLOSE to scheduling another surgery (well I actually didn't PLAN the first one)... so that the doctor can just remove the rest of my colon because taking it all out... and maybe some of my small intestine too... would probably do me a world of good!

These are some ways to help relieve stomach problems... FOR MOST PEOPLE they work... but I am just a rare/special/eff-ed up case! Ah ha ha....

1. Eat Lots of Fiber (25 to 40 grams per day)

2. Drink Lots of Water (No recommended amount anymore these days)

3. Do Not Scraf Your Food

4. Avoid Carbonated Drinks & Sugar Alcohols

5. Chew Fennel Seeds Before Meals

6. Drink Peppermint Tea/ Ginger Tea

7. Take Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics

8. Avoid Gas Building Foods

9. Exercise on a Regular Basis

10. Replace Foods That KILL With Foods That HEAL

11. Drink some Aloe Vera Juice

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