Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well Well Well...


Well... I'm back... While my law class isn't over until tomorrow (my last test is @ noon)... I am in "vacation mode" already and ready to think about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the next two weeks... And then of course, back to school! Hm, back to school... for all you who are going back... Here is a check list of what you should consider getting yourself so you're organized and ready to TAKE ON your new load of... "stuff":

(Check List is Geared Toward College Students BUT Anyone Can Use These Ideas)

# 1: A Planner (or a PDA or your high tech cell-phone, black berry, etc)

#2: Your Computer & Printer (that's right - EVERYTHING at school is VIA computer access these days, from writing papers to taking on-line classes - like my law class - a computer is a MUST!!)

# 3: Pain Medication (Advil, etc - We all know going to class can be quite the headache... as can the morning after - ha ha)

# 4: Comfortable Walking Shoes (sneakers are best - and if you're concerned with "cellulite" invest in those cellulite busting shoes - ha ha: at school YOU WILL BE WALKING A LOT to all your different classes that could be on opposite sides of the campus - just be aware!)

# 5: Class Books (yes, they cost a TON but you can always order them off of Amazon - used - for a lot cheaper if you THINK in ADVANCE!!)

# 6: A Mini Fridge (yes, most dorms come with mini fridges in each room - but sharing a tiny thing with your roommate is just ridiculous!)

# 7: Sun Screen (you will be outside a lot - and even if you don't go to school in the warmest local, sun screen is still needed - your nose & ears will thank you later!)

# 8: Bottled Water (or bring a refillable bottle - you must keep hydrated!! ha ha)

# 9: Money/Cash (yea, well this is a given because everything costs MONEY these days and you know you're going to want a pizza at 3am or some sushi - ha, at least I do)

# 10: Energy Drinks (preferably sugar free & calorie free - or even better: green tea or coffee - because you know you're going to pull a few all nighters... although I recommend you PLAN things in advance!!)

# 11: The Name of Your Guidance Counselor (going to college is pretty overwhelming and knowing who your counselor is will definitely benefit you because they have "been there, done that"... take it from me, I didn't know mine until second semester Junior year!!)

# 12: Bike/Scooter/Roller Blades (if your class IS ON the other side of campus RIGHT AFTER another class - these things will help you BOOK IT - just be sure to not HIT any walkers!!)

# 13: Pillow Top Mattress Pad & Comforter (enough said - comfort is key!)

# 14: Backpack (yes, even though you may no longer be in high school or what not, backpacks of brief cases are VERY useful because some classes DO require you to bring books - bogus I know!)

# 15: iPod/MP3 Player (when you're walking around campus it's always nice to have some music - I know it puts a "pep in my step")

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST (although I am pretty sure there are tons of other things you SHOULD bring to school)...

# 16: THE MOST COMFORTABLE SWEATPANTS YOU OWN!!! That's right, sweats are the STAPLE on all campuses - who the heck is going to primp themselves if they have an 8am class... yea, didn't think so!

***PS: Just because I didn't say it doesn't mean you SHOULDN'T go to the school gym - typically you're College ID Card will grant you access - USE IT - it reduces STRESS for one and two... you know you will probably have one two many beers... or slices of pizza... you get the picture!***


  1. LOL! I never expected pain meds to be on the list, but there you have it! Great list. I'll share it with my daughter. :!D

  2. great tips! i love those metallic water bottles!