Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's Most Important

So I just got an internship for the fall at channel 7... or as some may know it at ABC... in Denver, Colorado. There are three shifts that I can choose to intern during...

Shift #1: 4am until 1pm
Shift #2: 8:30am until 5:30pm
Shift #3: 2pm until 10:30pm

(Dusk or Dawn? Can you Guess?)

Now I must also bare in mind that the commute to Denver is anywhere from 25 to 50 minutes (depending on the hours and traffic - probably closer to 50 minutes at 8:30am and 25 minutes at 2pm)... and on top of that commute I MUST exercise before starting the day NO MATTER WHAT... So what do you think is more important, sleep or exercise? I am in a bind right now because I know no matter what I am going to be lacking sleep this fall and won't be able to catch up on it until Winter Break (which is mid-December)...

While it would be ideal to get BOTH sleep and exercise (exactly what I am doing now because my on-line class doesn't require me to go anywhere at any specific hour)... I have a feeling a couple times during this internship I am going to have to forfeit one of them and since I am such a gym rat... it may just be the sleep component which will do a number on the bags under my eyes! ha ha.

(Ha Ha, that's me "sleeping" at a previous job - because I woke up early to exercise!)

According to some other websites... getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep is TOPS over waking up early to exercise... so does that mean I shouldn't feel guilty if I don't work out a couple times?

But other websites tell me that working out in the morning is PRIMAL... so should I sacrifice sleep?

(Look at what I would MISS if I didn't exercise! Ha - probably NOT actually considering I would be up before the sun - and I wouldn't go hiking that early because the animals would EAT ME!)

Man what a tough decision considering these two activities are my favorite! Perhaps I can work out my "own hours" with my internship coordinator? Yeah right, I cannot "make my own hours" until I get a lot higher up in the journalism "food chain"... Right now I am a slice of ham.... when I become Prime Grass-fed Fillet Mignon... then MAYBE I can start dictating what I want! But for now I just need to BUST MY BUTT (hm, I guess I am going with the exercise?) - I mean honestly, how many people can say they got the experience to intern at a news station which really means going "behind the scenes" at all sorts of different places!

No matter what - experience triumphs BOTH sleep and exercise!

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  1. Decision, decisions! I know that's tough, but what an exciting time for you! (or did I say that already in a previous comment??) LOL! Well, just goes to show how jealous, (Whoops) I mean, happy I am for you.