Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Negative Effects of Stress

Wow has my July been stressful and it's ONLY the 11th! Hopefully the stress dies down a bit now that I am back at my apartment where there are not a lot of distractions (ha, right - the Internet
is just a CLICK away!) and I can focus on the work that has to be done!

Currently I am taking an ON-LINE Mass Communication Law (the link is to my professor's book- yea, that's right, HE WROTE the class text book because OBVIOUSLY nothing is good enough - but I must admit, the book is very interesting!) class (by CU-Boulder's Journalism School) which is know to be extremely HARD during the school calendar year - squeezing all it's content into ONE MONTH just makes it THAT MUCH MORE DEMANDING AND TOUGH! Can you see where I am getting my stress from?

On top of that, since I had surgery in late April which forced me to discontinue my spring semester courses, I have had to GET THE MOTIVATION to finish those classes now that I am feeling a lot more UP TO PAR. Granted I only have one more class to COMPLETE but it's the worst one in which I have to create 3 different movie/filming/final cut pro related projects and let me tell you - I am SCARED of final cut pro and I am not exactly the most SAVVY when it comes to video taping!

But today I actually gathered the rest of my footage for my videos (news stories if you are curious - I have to make a news package & vo-sot - things you see on the news daily yet never even pay attention to)... My story is about how charitable giving has gone down in the past year because of the recession we are in... So yea, my footage is of all the pretty flowers - trying to make things a bit more up beat! Ah ha ha!

OK OK I must get back on track with this blog post! I want to list the negative effects of stress on the body just so I can remind myself (and all of you) to not stress out TOO badly - after all, life does GO ON!!!

- Linked to Heart Disease

- Can Cause Sleep Disruptions

- Can Cause Depression and Anxiety

- Memory Loss can Result

- Upset Stomachs and Ulcers can Proliferate

- Can Lead to Weight Gain

- Acne Could Erupt ALL Over Your Face and Body

- Headaches and Migraines WILL Occur (I say WILL because well, they are just inevitable for EVERYONE!)

- Neck and Back Pain Can Result

- Low Energy Level is Likely to Occur too

*YOWZA! Now that's A LOT OF NEGATIVE EFFECTS, no? Must repeat them all in my mind (oh wait, is my memory impaired because of all my stress, will I remember this list? ha ha) so that I can stop stressing out so badly! So repeat after me... Stress effects....

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  1. Well let's see... sleep disruptions, upset stomach, headaches and low energy... yes, i MUST be stressed. :(

    miss you