Saturday, July 10, 2010

Be Nice!


Just remember that the next time you're:

- In line @ the grocery store and the kid in the cart ahead of you is throwing grapes at you

- At the bank, person # 15, watching the person at the teller ask for the thousandth time how to write a check

- In a traffic jam, about to scream to the high heavens about how you need to get home ASAP to do X,Y & Z while driving by the kid who was probably texting and driving who caused the jam to begin with

- On a bus packed like sardines, not wanting to touch anyone (and making sure not to be touched) but as the bus pulls ahead someone grabs your ass (accident of course)

- At the gym, searching for the only piece of available equipment... as as you find it someone else spots it too, causing you two to collide and create quite a scene that will be talked about for days

**What's your scenario?**

Just remember to grin & bear it!

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