Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Restaurant Review: Brasserie Ten Ten

Brasserie Ten Ten
Cuisine: French Bistro
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Pricey?: ** 1/2 out of *****

Review: I am completely obsessed with food and when it comes to going out to dinner, the restaurant has to have a certain amount of selections that I like in order for me to actually attend.

Since I am French, I figured this restaurant would have SOMETHING that I would like to eat... and after browsing the menu (on-line first BEFORE making reservations) I decided the place was a "go-go".

My mother and I have lots of dietary restrictions which is also a factor when I choose restaurants. There must be an abundance of fish on the menu for when we go out to dinner we never touch anything except that protein. We won't touch the red meats because they are more than likely grain-fed and that just doesn't fly... my brother and father on the other hand... bring on any steak house that serves a 16 to 20 ounce Porter House steak and a cold brusky and they're there!

The reason for my parents being in Boulder and my brother coming down (or maybe... up?) from Denver was because my grandfather (whom we all haven't seen in about 4 to 5 years) was in Boulder giving a speech about Nuclear Physics (that's his shtick... more power to ya!). My parents drove 8 hours... for dinner... and then left the next morning to drive 8 hours back home - Aye Carumba!

We arrived a bit early for our reservation but were allowed to STAND by the bar... there was a lot of traffic in this "standing zone" so it wasn't the most pleasant of situations but... my father, brother and grandfather got their drinks, so they didn't mind. I could already tell though... the conversation was going to be stilted... but that's a completely different story!

We were seated at around 7:15pm... even though our reservation was for 7... but right away our server asked us what we wanted to drink.

After perusing the menu for a bit we all made our final decisions on our meals... My mother always has the same thing I eat... so I ordered for the both of us... We both has the Nicoise Salad (sans potatoes & dressing on the side) as well as the Grilled Trout. We had ours simply grilled with no tabouli but extra spinach. The others at my table ordered Steamed Mussles, Chicken and Steak.

It may have felt like hours before our meals arrived... but really it was the average amount of time... the only reason why I say this is because it was extremely loud in the restaurant and with two who are hard of hearing (grandfather and father)... it was a bit painful waiting for the meals (and watching everyone leaning over one another to speak).

The meal my mother and I ordered was 100% perfect. Typically when I modify menu items there is always something off but not at Brasserie Ten Ten. Our waitress seemed very used to people modifying things and I could tell when our meals arrived.

Everything was cooked to perfection. The tuna on the nicoise salad was seared beautifully (nice and raw) while the trout was grilled until crispy (skin that is) and just melted in my mouth.

I got rave reviews from the rest of my table which definitely says something too considering we are all French. So over all, the FOOD experience was a good one!

The reason for my emphasis on food... well the conversation didn't turn out to be the best as I predicted... in fact my father and grandfather got into quite an argument... pushing my mother to tears - Oh how I love family dining experiences! ha ha!

My Rating: 8 out of 10 (strictly food... Points off for on the small side portions - for me at least - and the whole place was extremely loud)

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