Thursday, January 28, 2010

My latest FOOD obsession...

Obsession ALERT!

So I am completely and utterly obsessed with food... if I had to choose between food and sex... I would definitely choose...


and I am NOT even going to deny that! Ah ha ha!!!

(See look at that... I am so obsessed with food that I have to order my meat on line... to have it shipped to me - ha ha! 40 pounds in that box, WO WO!)

So what's my latest FOOD obsession? Well trust me I have many (Asian foods, salmon, spinach, ketcup, yea I could go on) but I really think I just have to mention how much I LOVE...

Butternut Squash- EVERYONE SHOULD BE eating this scrumptious orange FRUIT...

Wait, maybe I shouldn't scream to the high heavens how awesome this squash is... because if everyone starts eating it (because I am a very influential person!) then a butternut squash shortage may result (JUST LIKE WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PUMPKINS!!!)

(My sweet sweet pumpkin, I am sorry... but I am cheating on you! At least it's all in the family... actually that probably makes things worse!)

Alright, alright... since I have said this much I might as well just continue and risk the shortage!

So how do I like to prepare butternut squash?

Well you gotta buy the whole squash and... take a knife to that bad boy... chop that puppy up into cubes (aw, sad visual) and skin it too... (wow it sounds like I am talking about preparing a piece of meat, ha ha). From there I simply put it on a baking dish (sprayed with olive oil)... I then put it in the oven for about 35 minutes or so at 350 degrees... take it out, sprinkle it with cinnamon (don't be shy, shake that sh*t on there - it is a SUPER FOOD after all!) and then put it back in the oven (tossing the squash before hand so that delicious spice spreads it's love)... About 15 to 20 minutes later I take it out, put it in a bowl, drizzle some olive oil, sprinkle with parsley... and refrigerate.

BOMB! So good! I love to eat mine cold mixed with pureed pumpkin (um, did I mention I think I caused the shortage because I still have tons of cans worth, he he!) and then sprinkled with STEVIA!

(If you turn your head 90 degrees... you will see the right side up view - ha ha! This picture doesn't do this deliciousness justice)

Currently this is a breakfast staple... but who am I kidding, whenever I open the fridge, I always take a sample or two... I just can't keep my paws off of it! Speaking of... yea, it's calling my name right now... 4 O'clock snack? I THINK SO! (Oh wait, it was also a 1, 2 and 3 o'clock snack too... I guess there ARE worse things to be addicted to! ha ha)

**You know what's funny... I say I like food more than sex... yet this blog post could sound very dirty... if you have a dirty mind that is! ha ha ha ha ha! You can obviously tell... I DO! WHOOPS!**

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