Sunday, January 17, 2010


So yea, I figured I'd just post a quick update on things... nothing TOO special is going on... but things ARE "GOING ON"...

1. Started my new internship today as a WEATHER INTERN... AND MADE MY ON CAMERA DEBUT! TAKE THAT COLORADO... Hope you enjoyed me on the tube because there will be a lot more of where that came from!

(yep, that's where I go to school... CU-Boulder)

2. Started Spring Semester last Monday... have tomorrow (Monday) off... Only have class Monday, Wednesday & Friday... Taking 3 classes for the time being... Will have a 4th class during the month of February... and then a 5th class (the 4th will end) in March... until mid-April... and then NO FINALS... SO school for me is done... APRIL 30th! Wo Wo!

(Amalfi Coast, Italy)

3. When school is over for the "year" my family and I will be headed to ITALY! Yep, originally it was TURKEY but my dad is a scardi-cat and wants to stay in Europe... well I cannot complain, Italy is still cool... PLUS THERE ARE CUTER BOYS I AM SURE.. OH AND BETTER FOOD...?!?! ha ha! No offense TURKEY but I like Olive Oil better than... YOGURT!

(Yea, that's NOT ME... or my trainer... Although my trainer has a HOT BOD... JUST LIKE THAT... Perhaps which is why I am weight training in the first place? We all need some sort of motivation right?)

4. I am officially weight training (yea for me that's big news because I used to never even LOOK at dumb bells...)

5. Oh... I am once again going to graduate in DECEMBER 2010... instead of MAY 2010... My parents think it's best for me to just simply stay in school... and since there seems to be NO JOBS WHAT SO EVER out there... SURE WHY NOT!?! ha ha!

6. But since I am staying in school I am applying to every ENTERTAINMENT internship under the sun for the summer months because... the ENTERTAINMENT WORLD needs me! I wonder which company will be FIGHTING over me later this spring!!! (HA HA, yep... NONE PROBABLY!!)

.... You know, I thought I had a lot more going on in my life... Oh well I do but it's not like i am going to update you on the pages in X & Y book that I have to read and all the topics to papers I have to write... I will save you from that TORTURE... unless you're interested in say... WRITING THEM FOR ME?!?!?! ha ha ha!

Any ways... I'm OUT... I HAVE TO WATCH "THE GOLDEN GLOBES' RED CARPET" so I can get tips on interviewing celebrities on the red carpet... IF I close my eyes I can see myself in a strapless black dress with a bit of blue ribbon intertoven... on the red carpet interviewing... oh who am I kidding, I cannot single out any one in particular HUNKY celebrity cause they're all pretty fine... well except for the DUDE who's in THE HANG OVER... who plays ALAN... Ah ha ha ha ha!

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