Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Since I'll Be Famous...

I cam across a website that had a scanned copy of what Lady Gaga requests [in her dressing room] when she goes on tour...

Well since that document is pretty much illegible... here is what it says:

Lady Gaga Dressing Room Catering Rider


Instant Coffee – Both regular and decaf please plus small container of Whole milk for coffee. Packages of Splenda brand sweetener
1 pack RedBull Light on Ice
6 (6) pack of Vitamin Water on Ice (assorted flavors)
12 Assorted Sodas (Ginger Ale, Dr Pepper, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange Crush
Assorted fruit juices (orange/apple/grape) on ice
Bottles of Green Tea
12 Bottles of STILL water (room temp)
12 Bottles of STILL water (cold)
½ gallon of lowfat 1% milk
Container of salsa
Container of guacamole
Large bag of Tortilla Chips
Small veggie tray with Ranch Dip on ice
Small plate of cheese (non smelly, non sweaty) on ice and whole wheat/ healthy crackers
Small Deli Tray of assorted deli meats (salami, turkey, ham) on ice
Assorted condiments (Best Foods Mayonnaise, mustard etc)
A mix of assorted fresh fruit
Package of Dried Apples
Package of Dried Mangos
Package of Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
Whole Roasted Chicken (hot)
Large container of lemon or Garlic Hummus
Bag of Pita Bread
Loaf of Wheat Bread
Small jar of Peanut Butter
Small jar jelly (either grape, strawberry or raspberry)
Packages of Starfish tuna (packed in water)

Sound check and show time water

Please have someone assist Jaclyn to the stage for placement of two cases of small bottles of water, two times per show day. Once for “LADY GAGA” sound check then just before “LADY GAGA” show time. Water does not need to be fliptop caps. ANYTHING GOES! Room temperature is fine in its original box.


This list got me thinking about what I would request if I were to travel to some far off destination...

Granted I don't EVER plan** on becoming a singer [these vocal cords of mine just don't belt out anything CLOSE to a tune] but when I am famous for being, well, just ME... I will obviously need to feel as "at home" as possible when I am DOIN' MY THANG in another state/city/country!!!

Hm... So here goes:
- Smart Water [That water is just so dang good]
- Xyience Xenergy Drinks [Cherry Lime &/or Mango Guava]
- VPX Redline &/or Melt Down [Exotic Fruit Flavor]
- 3 12 Packs of Sugar-Free Orbit Gum [Spearmint]
- Hot Water [If they need to install a hot water spigot, so be it!]
- Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Herbal Tea
- A Fridge & Freezer [Yes, in my hotel room]
- Hm.. An Oven/Stove? ha ha! [Well if this cannot be done, let's assume the kitchen at the hotel will be at my beckon call...]
- NuNaturals Stevia Packets
- Cans of Pureed Pumpkin [+ Can Opener]
- Eggs [Poached!]
- Broiled Salmon Belly [Possibly scattered on the bed like rose petals - Ah ha ha!]
- Spaghetti Squash [Yes that's right! I eat this stuff like it's my job!]
- Hair Straightener & Phone Charger [So I don't have to lug them myself... I assume a blow dryer is in the room - BUT WAIT<-- If I were famous wouldn't I have hair & make-up people?] - Blender [Kitchen Aid ONLY!]
- Ice Cubes
- Coffee Flavor Concentrate
- Vanilla Flavor Concentrate [Perhaps I will post WHY I need these things in another blog post...]
- How about the Whole Foods Store? Can that be fit into a hotel room? Ha Ha Ha!
- An Elliptical Trainer &/or Treadmill

Yea, I think that pretty much sums up my list. I don't think I am missing anything but you never know!

YIKES! You better GET ME WHAT I WANT... OR ELSE! ha ha!

What would YOU have in YOUR dressing room?!?!

**If some agent/recording artist/whomever decides WHO get's to be famous for music... thinks I have THE LOOK to be a pop star though, I definitely wouldn't turn down the opportunity to LIP SING my way into Hollywood!!! Ha Ha!

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  1. How about we serve up all of Gaga's request in in one smoothie blender form? One glass. Full of all that sh!t.