Sunday, April 11, 2010

Whole Foods Salmon Sashimi Review

So I got a huge craving yesterday for sashimi... but the thought of going out to sushi didn't sound so hot so I decided, let's get some sashimi from Whole Foods!

And I mean look, it's way cheaper than what I probably would have gotten at a sushi restaurant anyways so I am being financially savvy too! Wow, Whole Foods and inexpensive in the same sentence? How in the WORLD is that possible!?!** [for answer - see bottom]

I settled on some salmon sashimi [that's what I was craving, hard core]... or SAKE if you really want me to get all Japanese technical! Typically this sashimi is... uh... carved[?] from Whole Food's farm raised Norwegian Salmon... Yes, I know what you're thinking: GAHH, you are eating FARM RAISED SALMON... but I have done EXTENSIVE research on Whole Food's farm raised salmon and have found that it comes from a legit source and the fish is not fed unhealthy and unnatural foods.

So anyways on to the good stuff....

Well what sashimi dinner is complete without Nori, Soy Sauce & Sesame Seed = NONE THAT'S WHAT! So of course I had to have them!

Then I sliced the sashimi [and to all you plate decorators and professional chefs out there... I am sorry for my UGLY plate presentation, but honestly, it ALL tastes the SAME! Whoops, I am sorry if I just broke the news to you!]... and placed it a top of a bed of spinach [because spinach tastes amazing with everything]. Of course I am not just going to eat this sashimi, ha, if you only knew me... I am known for eating a TON so of course I had my...

Spaghetti Squash sauteed with Broccoli in Olive Oil over another bed of Spinach...

And "FRIED" Green Beans [by far the BEST thing in the world, seriously: they taste JUST like French Fries... although maybe you should trust me on that because I haven't had a French Fry in oh about 10 years... or maybe even longer!]

Oh wait, isn't this suppose to be a review of the Whole Foods Sashimi Salmon? And here I am showing off my side dishes to the MAIN SUBJECT! [Oh wait, isn't the new thing... focusing in on vegetables are the MAIN part of a meal and simply using protein as a garnish? Well not in my life that's for sure!!!!!]

Well let me tell you... first bite to last... I was having a mouth-gasum... and if you have NO CLUE what that means... I was in serious HEAVEN the entire time I ate!!! The butteriness of the fish complimented the crunchiness of the nori perfectly [I wrap sheets around the fish - not rice, no nothing... the reason for this... is meant for another blog post!]. The fish also tasted incredibly fresh and melted in my mouth the instant it touched my tongue.

So if you ever get a craving for some sashimi [and you can use this sashimi to make roll if you so choose], then get your booty on down to Whole Foods [it's GiGi recommended!]! They also offer Hamachi/Yellowtail, Unagi/Eel, Maguro/Red Tuna, Octopus, Spicy Tuna [A delicious mixture sans MAYO]... and depending on where you live they may offer more or less!

Oh and if you live in the Boulder Area... go into the Pearl Street location - say the name GiGi to the fish counter, and they will know exactly who you're talking about! I swear I think I am going to ask them if they could make some sort of discount deal for the people who come in and mention my name... sort of like a coupon code! ha ha!

**Probably because it takes about 10 to 12 ounces of fish to fill me up... which would probably be the equivilent to about 2 platters of sashimi [which can JACK UP any bill]... While about 10 ounces from Whole Foods is... well you see how much it is above!

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