Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Most Desirable Women?

So, you may be wondering why I have posted the pictures of these three gorgeous women! Well... it just so happens, according to these three are the top choices for the Most Desirable Women (2009 Edition)... While all three are stunning and I can see Marissa Miller and Megan Fox as "desirable", I have no idea why Eva Mendes would even be considered for the first spot. She is not exactly the best actress in the world and there are definitely pretties actresses/models/athletes out there... Am I completely out of left wing when I say this? Or am I missing something? I must give Eva Mendes this though, she seems like a very genuine women, not a stuck up and egotistical actress like most out there. Can you believe she even graduated from college and majored in marketing! I love when I read that "a-list" actresses actually went to college! These days I feel like the younger celebrities for-go college which really puts a damper on my mood, because here I am, with goals to make it "big" yet I am stuck in college! But why am I talking about myself... I guess the only thing I can say is, good for you Eva, I hope this doesn't boost your ego too much because I wouldn't want to have to delete what I stated above about you seeming genuinely nice! 

Oh and Megan, Marissa... You two are gorgeous and deserve your rankings for sure!

Oh and for all you who are curious about how these women achieve their "flawless" figures:
- Eva Mendes: Follows the 5 Factor Diet 
- Megan Fox: Eats a lot of protein (eggs almost daily) and works out daily. Cardiovascular exercise that engage her abs is what she focuses on a lot. 
- Marissa Miller: Limits high quality (whole-grain) carbohydrates to breakfast time only but does splurge on cheese regularly, she is also very active and likes outdoor sports such as surfing and spinning. 

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