Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Favorite Salad... Any Season!

So I have a 100% French background and have grown up feasting on delicious French food... I have many favorites but my TOP favorite in terms of salads is definitely the Nicoise! Such an amazing combination of flavors & textures with so many health benefits, there are too many to count... I have decided I would like to share this amazing recipes with all of you because I want everyone else to savor such a delicious FEAST of a salad!

- Canned or Fresh Seared Ahi Tuna or Salmon
- Anchovies
- Hard Boiled Eggs
- Mixed Greens
- Green Beans
- Kalamata Olives
- Capers
- Artichoke Hearts
- Red Onion Slices
- Cherry &/or Plum Tomatoes
- Bell Peppers
Dressing Ingredients:
- White wine vinegar
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Salt & Pepper
- Grated Lemon Zest
- Fresh Minced Thyme

So there you have it... a delicious and nutritious lunch/dinner recipe that I just absolutely adore... as my French Father ALWAYS says before we eat: "BON APPETITE!"

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