Thursday, October 1, 2009

My First Solo-PKG on News Team Boulder

So, I don't know if you already know this but I am a journalism student at CU-Boulder... and currently I am in a class where we have a live broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday. Well today was my day to create a news "package" or story for all you non-journalism lingo types out there...

And if you're curious about what my package (pkg) was/is about... here is the video for you:

OH AND PUMPKIN UPDATE: My shelves are once again STOCKED - THANK GOODNESS! I even tried baking a pumpkin and it just isn't (I'm not done eating it) the same!


  1. hey gigi! i love the post on the pumpkin! i put it in my post tonight- for all those non-believers that there is infacta pumpkin shortage! haha i am so happy to hear that you have started to find it once again though! I am going to wholefoods tomorrow so lets hope they have it there! have you ever made a pumpkin breakfast cookie? i am considering trying to make one for sunday's breakfast...hmmmmm

  2. You go Gigi! And what a fancy last name! You've got a Hollywood name! Awesome report. No, I did not know dogs go through that too. Yikes!