Saturday, October 10, 2009


So this morning I woke up to a pleasant looking white covering on the grass and streets... A.K.A. SNOW... And While this white dust is "pleasant" to look at... it's not all that pleasant to go out in, but of course, that's exactly what I had to do!

I'm currently at my internship at ABC in Denver, CO... but I live in Boulder and it took me 45 minutes to get here because of the reduced speeds on the highway.

It seems like the winter months cause a lot of problems that slow things down... would you agree?

I try so hard to grin and bear it but right now I just wish I was snuggled up in my bed with a cup of hot tea, watching a movie or napping. I know though, that I will be happy with myself come Monday and Tuesday when I can do just that (because M & T is my "weekend").

So who's ready for the winter months? Seen any snow yet? Currently here it's 20 degrees and quite gloomy!

The only thing that excites me about the winter months... the HOLIDAYS! I am obsessed with Thanksgiving and Christmas - they couldn't come sooner!

Along with my complaining I thought I would list some ways in which we can all prepare for the harsh winter ahead (well at least it will be harsh here in Colorado, I can just feel it... literally!)

*Driving in the Winter Tips:

- Use Snow Tires
- Use Headlights at all Times

- In a Blizzard Use Your Hazard Lights

- Invest in a Windshield Scraper

- Drive SLOWLY - quickly slowing down won't help curb swerving

- Clean Hood of Car When Clearing Windshield

- Carry a Clean Cloth in Your Car at all Times

*Stock Your Home With:

- Blankets, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Scarves, etc (DUH - ha ha)

- Shovel

- Sand & Rock Salt

- Canned Food & Can Opener

- Matches

- Flash Lights

- Batteries

- Wood (for a fire in the fire place)

- Tea, Coffee, Cocoa & Hot Water

- Soup & Broth

- Camping Grill/ BBQ Stove - if the power goes out, this could be a good thing to have... if you're oven, etc is electric!

- Board Games, Cards, etc

- Pet Supplies - if you have a pet of course

Of course there are things you need to do to "winterize" your house, like clean out gutters, etc but let's hope you already know that if you are a home owner (I myself am not so I don't have to worry about that aspect)...

Otherwise, enjoy your winter as much as you can... in my next post: I'll discuss ways to fight off getting SICK - because we ALL KNOW how annoying it is to be sick and not feel good one bit!


  1. Oh gosh, I cannot believe it's snowing where you doesn't usually snow here until February/March! xxx

  2. All good tips. And hope it blizzards here so bad I can't get out the front door....but not until I have my supplies, please. I want a State of Emergency-type snow storm!

  3. Ughhh, I woke up to snow today as well! Not supposed to happen :(

  4. A post that tells me how to fight off sickness would be very helpful...I have the flu now :P

    I heard about that crazy snow in Colorado (in October!). I used to love snow as a kid, but when you commute to school (or work), it is not as nice for sure. I adore the holidays too, so that makes up for the crazy winter weather!