Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here come Santa Claus...

Well Christmas is three days away, although my family always celebrates on the 24th...

Any special plans? Relatives coming to town? Are huge platters of glutenous food going to be made? What did you ask Santa to bring you?

Obviously my family doesn't believe in Santa because we open gifts the night before... I think my family just feels like we should give Santa a break considering he has so many other chimneys to shimmy his big booty down!

Any ways... are you still in a bind on what to get family and friends for Christmas... here's a list of what I got my family members, which might give you some last minute ideas...

MOM: A book - yes my mother is EXTREMELY hard to shop for because when she wants/needs anything she buys it for herself right then and there... but I do give her things every day be it helping out around the house, going to Salt Lake City with her for her medical procedure, things like that.

DAD: USB adapter cord for his mac book air, Long Underwear [he's a skier and we live in a very cold city], books and an Amazon Kindle [hm, yes we got him tangible books and virtual books - ha ha]

OLDER SISTER [26 yrs. old]: Computer Program [for digital design], Snow Shoes, Printer, Scarves

[23 yrs. old]: iPod Touch, myTouch cell phone - with all the "fixings", football tickets to a Giants game

Oh and well... I already know what I am getting for X-Mas which kind of stinks because I do like a surprise... but oh well, I generally like giving more than I like receiving anyways!

So here is what I believe is wrapped under the tree for me: A North Face Fleece or 2, A Flavor Carbonated Water Maker, a Whole Foods gift card and yea, I think that's it - which is just fine with me! Honestly, I would be happy with a few hundred packs of Orbit Gum, Whole Foods gift cards up the wazoo, perhaps a gift card to the Vitamin Shop [love me some energy drink]... and maybe subscriptions to gossip magazines since I buy them EVERY WEEK... ALL 5 of them!

So any ways, happy holidays EVERYONE... and tell me what you got and might be getting this Christmas!

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  1. Oh great. Now you've got me craving the Seltzer.