Saturday, June 19, 2010

Things to come...

So here is an update on what's coming up in my life:

1. I am going to start writing for the web site: (I will be a nutrition writer, right up my alley for sure!)... When I get my web page, etc I will post a link here to it so you can all follow me there... and spread the word to your friends, etc! I need readers/viewers/comments!!!

2. I will be continuing to intern @ KMGH (ABC) in Denver (Sunday & Tuesday morning shifts... 6am call time on Sunday & 4am call time on Tuesday)

3. I will be going down to Santa Fe for 4th of July... My family has a home there and we just redid our kitchen & constructed an outdoor kitchen... bring on the grilling!!

4. My 23rd Birthday is in ONE WEEK... ew I am getting up there... Any ideas on what I should do?


Yea, not too much. You know I would have added one more thing although I think if I mention it I might throw my computer out the window because I am soooo dang angry about it right now! GRRRRR!! These past 2 days have been completely wasted! I will never get them back, EVER!

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  1. hey, thanks for your interest in my blog and article.

    I wish you good luck with your new project. I'll take a look at it!