Friday, February 13, 2009

Chris Brown Episode.

Can we really believe Chris Brown threatened Rihanna and beat her up like all the press in the world is saying? He seems like such a nice guy and they seemed to be such a cute couple. Apparently the spat erupted over a text-message Chris received the night of the debacle... from a Paris Hilton, Leona Lewis... Pamela Anderson? Ha, I was kidding on the last one, but apparently the former are both being slammed for texting Chris some pretty risque things... Paris Hilton, really, must you try and dip your toes into everyone's lives? Just because you are not getting as much publicity as you used to, doesn't mean you need to mettle in other people's relationships. Oh excuse me, I do believe the definition of Paris Hilton is: relationship sabotager! Eh, all I can really say about this whole episode is that it sucks! Way to give the stereotypical RAPPER a good reputation Chris Brown! All you have done is HIGH LIGHT IT! And you Rihanna, I am glad you are alright and taking it easy out of the spot light! Perhaps this whole thing could spur a new spunky song that I can dance to in the car? Run to while on the treadmill? Ha Ha.


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