Monday, February 23, 2009


For all you out there who think Nicole Richie's slim frame is unable to harvest a baby... you're wrong because ONCE AGAIN... she is pregnant. The baby's daddy is of course is her boyfriend of almost two years Joel Madden... It would be funny and a lot more scandalous if the baby's father was Benji (Joel's identical twin)! The gossip magazines would have a FIELD DAY!!! I was shocked when she was pregnant with Harlow, because I too believed someone as small as her could not get pregnant... I guess I was slapped in the face! ha ha. But now I am wondering how her little arms will be able to carry two babies! One thing I can wish for though, is that she doesn't name her child anything outrageous, Harlow is BAD enough! But hey, "it is what it is"... ha ha!
But you know what... I am rather happy for her actually because she has transformed so much into quiet a good person (or so it seems) a far cry from her past... I remember how much I enjoyed the Simple Life where she was rebellious and treated the babies in season four like cabbage patch dolls... I guess... what viewers didn't see was that Nicole actually learned how to raise a child, despite the show she put on for viewers like me!
Over all I want to congratulate these two! They seem to adore their first born as well as each other, so it seems they have a lot more love to share.

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