Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Row Row Row Your Boat...

So... who of you have gone to the gym and walked straight to your cardio equipment of choice, exercised for 30 to 60 minutes and then left... completely ignoring all the other equipment at the gym? I am not going to lie to you, I used to do that a lot! I am a creature of habit, and when I get into a routine it is extremely hard for me to QUIT IT... but ever since joining 24 Hour Fitness, I have had motivation to do something else BESIDES the elliptical trainer. Yesterday I did the "stair stepper" (yea, not too sure what the real name is) and today I did the treadmill... but what I really want to talk about is the ROW MACHINE. I have been ROWING lately... not for too long, 10 minutes maximum, but I can even tell from these short spurts roughly 4 times a week, that my arms are looking pretty good... Rowing is quite under rated... Even 24 Hour Fitness underrates them, as they only have 2 row machines in the entire GYM! It is a little known machine and I guess people don't think it is an ALL BODY work out, but guess what... it is! You can burn up to 800 calories on that bad boy depending on your body size and resistance! Yowza, talk about feeling the burn! I even feel it when I do a measly 5 minutes! No matter what though, even if I did an outstanding amount of minutes on one of the more known cardio pieces of equipment... I always feel good after doing some rowing! So if any of you are feeling BORED with your usual run, bike ride, swim, etc... GET TO ROWING (even if just for 5 minutes)... It will MIX THINGS UP FOR YOU and I can almost guarantee you will be sore the following day! 

1. Rowing works every major muscle group in your body
2. Burns a lot of calories
3. Works muscles you never even knew you had
4. You can easily watch TV while rowing away
5. No pressure on knees/ankles (no leg injuries reported)
6. Can fit in your home, no problem
7. Helps reduce stress & anxiety (sort of like a punching bag)

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