Sunday, March 8, 2009


Who would have thought my favorite show could "whoop" so many people's butts even before it started! Well... I guess I under estimated the "power of dance". Nancy O'Dell is the latest to withdraw from the competition due to a torn meniscus! What are these people doing during their training sessions, flying through the air? Bungee jumping? I am a little sad to see her go because after all she is one of my idols! Both her and Jewel will make appearances throughout the season to talk about their progress though, so they will in fact get a little face time on camera. Well with two hours to fill on both Mondays and Tuesdays, I think they will have time for it. 

So do you want to take a guess as to who will be filling Nancy's shoes?! None other than the "jilted" bachellorette Melissa Rycroft! She's tangoing her way from one ABC show to the next. Let's hope she takes her anger for Jason out on the dance floor, because I am sure there is enough pent up in her to have her win the entire competition! Oh and it doesn't hurt that Melissa is in pretty decent shape and is an ex-cheerleader! 

Well T minus 2 days and counting! I cannot wait to hear the cheesy music, be blinded by the sparkling get-ups and be memorized by... DEREK HOUGH! ha ha! 

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