Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dancing with the Stars is BACK!!!!

I have quite a few guilty pleasures... One being the show: DANCING WITH THE STARS! I adore this show because the way the professional dancers twist, turn, flip, jive, etc is awe-inspiring and I love watching the improvements (or lack-there-of) of all the stars as the weeks progress! Plus, Tom Bergeron is hysterical and is so quick-witted! Oh and of course... the other reason why I am obsessed with this show... because I am completely IN LOVE with Derek Hough! When I move out to California in the near future, my plan is to find him!! He is so cute, seems so sweet, really funny and... the way he moves his hips... need I say more? 

Season Eight is going to be an interesting cast.... (And 2 have already been injured - 1 may actually drop out)...

Lil' Kim - A Grammy Award Winning Multi-Platinum Rapper, Singer & Actress. She spent one year and one day in Prison in 2005. PARTNER: Derek Hough 

Steve-O - A dare devil who is not afraid to hurt himself. Starred in the Jackass movies and TV series. Went to rehab in 2008 for cocaine. PARTNER: Lacey Schwimmer 

Nancy O'Dell - Anchor of Access Hollywood. (My IDOL - being an entertainment journalist would be my dream come true!) PARTNER: Tony Devolani 

Lawrence Taylor - Football player. Known as the greatest defense player in the history of football. Played for the New York Giants - 2 super bowl titles. PARTNER: Edyta Sliwinska

Shawn Johnson - Youngest DWTS contestant yet. Won 1 gold metal and 3 silver metals at the Olympics 2008. PARTNER: Mark Ballas 

Chuck Wicks - Singer and Song Writer and Julianne Hough's boyfriend. PARTNER: Julianne Hough (I thought she said she was not going to perform this season? Perhaps, he boyfriend changed her mind) 

Gilles Marini - Best known for his full frontal nudity in the Sex and the City movie. (Currently injured - groin and leg) PARTNER: Cheryl Burke 

Denise Richards - Actress who currently has a reality TV show on E! and is best know for having a public divorce from ex-husband Charlie Sheen. PARTNER: Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Steve Wozniak - "The Woz" Helped create APPLE's first line of products and gave major influence to the MAC. PARTNER: Karina Smirnoff 

Belinda Carlisle - This singer is best known for being the lead singer in the GO GOs. PARTNER: Jonathan Roberts 

David Allen Grier - A TV & Movie actor most recently in the movie Dream Girls. PARTNER: Kym Johnson  

Ty Murray - One of the most accomplished rodeo riders of all time and married to Jewel. PARTNER: Chelsie Hightower 

Jewel - This singer/song-writer perfects her talent through country music and is married to Ty Murray. She has been nominated for a Grammy 3 times. PARTNER: Dmitry Chaplin 


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