Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where's the BEEF?

"If beef is your idea of 'real food for real people' you'd better live REAL close to a GOOD hospital" - Neal Bernard, M.D.

Neal Bernard's statement needs to be fine tuned...

Not ALL beef is created equally...

Did you even know that there was a difference in grass-fed beef and grain-fed beef? Have you always believed that cows simply roamed open pastures, eating all the grass in the world, and simply love life?

Sorry to be the bearer of BAD news and all but... that's completely false. Cows may roam on lush grass for about 6 month to 2 years of their lives and then BAM... off to the feed lot they go where they are FORCED to chow down on grains not suitable for their stomachs. In fact, in order for farmers/feed lot workers to make sure cows do not get sick and die from eating grain, they have to make the switch from grass to grain over a gradual period of time. If a cow was to go from grass to grain over night, it would die...

And why are cows fed grains? To get nice and PLUMP! Because PLUMP meat sells to those who don't care an ounce about their health!
(Oh and by the way, cows eat grains to get fat... so people out there, if you want to gain weight: eat all the grains to your hearts content!)

So why am I talking about this... What is the "who cares" to my rant... I want to emphasize how important reading labels and making sure when you buy your beef (or any red meat for that matter) at the store, on-line, etc... that is be GRASS-FED and GRASS-FINISHED!!! The health benefits are tremendous! In fact there are so many that some say grass-fed/finished red meats are a near perfect health food! Who would have thought eating RED MEAT could = health! TAKE THAT NEAL BERNARD!



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