Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Cosiest Place On Earth... For You... And Other Intruders!

(nope, not me, wish it were though!)

So this past week I had the option of cleaning my bed sheets but instead of doing so... I reminded myself that I was going to have to make my bed with new sheets... and well I just got plain lazy!

(ha, yea, wish that were my bed room - HARDLY!)

Well I exhaustively dragged myself back to my apartment after class today and snuggled up in my comforter and sheets (haven't been washed in... two weeks!)... When I woke up from my half asleep/ half awake nap... I thought to myself,

'what in the world am I cuddling with... was it a BAD MOVE not to clean my sheets?'

According to science, everyone sheds skin cells... including when we're sleeping... and to dust mites, these skin cells look like huge cheese burgers or glazed donuts (whatever your vice may be)... so basically more mites are attracted...

While dust mites aren't really dangerous, many people are allergic to these little miscreants which leads to sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throats, you know the symptoms...

And as for your throw pillows and stuffed animals (yes, you do have at least a cuddly bear on your bed, don't lie)... you should show case them far from your bed if you suffer from dust mite allergies.

Oh and did I mention... we all SWEAT when we sleep too... sleeping is a work out... too bad people can't lose weight by sleeping alone, well unless you have some EXTREME sleep dreams! ha ha!

In any case, so what's the recommended amount in a month people should wash their sheets?

Some say at least once a month, while others say once a week... So if I go with the latter, I am in good shape and don't need to even think about what I might be going to sleep with tonight... but I won't lie to you, I am a sleep sweater and well, my feet get DIRTY when I wear flip flops... so yeah, I probably should have washed em' but oh well, if I don't get sick... then I am good! ha ha!

Yeah, I just jinxed myself: KNOCK ON WOOD!!

(I don't think this little guy gives a rat's booty about dust mites!)

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