Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jaw Dropping Benefits!

It's odd for me to not have a piece of gum in my mouth... or a pack (or 5) in my purse on any given day... I won't lie to you: I am Wrigley's FAVORITE CUSTOMER (if only they knew I existed)... because I chew upwards of 5 packs of gum a day! YES FIVE!!! (At least it's sugar free right?!)

So in order to make myself feel better about this habit... I need to remind myself of the benefits of chewing gum... And to all you out there who chew a lot too... Don't feel so badly!

- Chewing burns 11 calories an hour (and sugar free gum, one piece, has less than 5 calories!)

- Many athletes & coaches chew gum to "stay in the game"

- Some schools have encouraged students to chew gum to increase mental focus (alertness & concentration)

- Stress reliever & Frustration tamer

- Relieves boredom

- Improves ability to learn, retain & retrieve information

- Increases blood flow to the brain

- Reduces plaque, cavities & stains (sugarless)

- Remineralizes enamel to strengthen teeth (sugarless)

- Good way to tell yourself the MEAL is over

So there you have it! Currently I am chewing ORBIT SPEARMINT... what are you chewing?

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