Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Put Em' Up!

Man... if anyone crosses my path and gives me lip I could certainly TAKE EM' OUT.... especially now that I have "perfected" my jabbing skills! So watch yourself... you never know when an upper-cut is coming your way!

(Watch out - This is my attack face!)

Seriously though, if you're bored with your work outs.... (I'm talking to you: chick/dude on the elliptical - Oh wait, that's ME!)... totally sign up for a boxing class, or sign up with a trainer and ask him/her to focus on boxing with you!

You hit two birds with one stone: cardio exercise & weight bearing exercise! What more could you want?


So I intrigued you huh? Well... since I am no expert, I figured I'd link you all to a web page that details the WHAT TO DOs and the WHAT NOT TO DOs of boxing!

What I can tell you though... is that I am already feeling pretty sore... and I finished my work out... about 5 hours ago! Gotta load up on the protein or perhaps sit in a ice cold bath tub! ha ha!

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  1. i love the animal pictures! they made me smile!!